So today is just a gallery of my favourite photos that I’ve taken so far this year with my Nikon D90 enjoy.

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DSC_5559 DSC_5014
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I6+ 085 DSC_4789


Food Glorious Food

I like my food! Actually lets rephrase that I love my food always have and always will. I’m very open to trying new things constantly from wherever in the world it comes from and to date I have only come across two things I detest, firstly tuna in anyway shape or form and secondly olives absolutely despise them.

So whenever someone says to us do you fancy coming round tea or dinner I pretty much jump at the chance. Today it was the mother in-laws. She had already mentioned a few days ago that an old family friend was down visiting and it would be nice to kill two birds with one stone i.e. say hello catch up and have some food. I straight away asked what was she cooking to which she replied “I’m doing Mexican” OMG! We love Mexican in our household so as you can probably tell we couldn’t wait.

My mother in-law is a really good cook I like to think, so in turn my wife is incredible at cooking as well and this makes me a very happy man. When we arrived the aromas were so inviting and the selection on offer was awesome from tortilla wraps with chicken, beef and steak fillings to tacos with all the trimmings. My sister in-law and family came too so it was nice to catch up after a few days.You’ll have to excuse the incorrect picture here but sorry I was filling my belly and didn’t take a pic Mmm but you get the gist.

las vegas, holiday, 2008 038

Love Mondays

So now half-term is over and the two eldest back into their school routine I can get back to mine.

Don’t get me wrong I love my children and spending quality time with them is great whether it be staying in and crafting or going on adventures, but since I’ve become a stay at home dad and I only have the youngest of three still at home I make the most of the time I get to myself, obviously I still have the house to contend with and it’s not so much time to myself but I have a semi routine and come Monday to Friday its pretty much the same.

Knowing on Sunday night that the children are cared for at school Monday through till Friday is a kind of relief I suppose and all I have to do is to pick them up when they finish it’s a nice break so to speak. From 9-3 I can catch up on recorded series on the TV or finish editing that vlog that’s been plaguing me, or just sit back and relax (chance would be a fine thing) but whatever happens I now love Mondays apart from crawling out of bed at stupid o’clock.IMG_1315

What have I learned About Me Lately

As strong and independent as I think I am I’m not. I’ve recently come to realise I can’t do all I can to resolve everything that life throws at me and that has been tough to swallow.

Thinking like this has worked for me for a while but in reality all that has happened deep down inside is I have become a shadow of my former self and now no one recognises me, not even my own family. I thought I was doing a good job and the right thing most of the time but alas not.

It’s funny but thinking back to when I was in my honeymoon phase of my relationship I felt like I was invincible and I could conquer the world, and up until now I have. I’ve tried not to let anything or one get in my way of what I wanted and succeeded.

But now as I’m approaching forty (18 months or so) It has dawned on me I’m not doing as well as I thought or could be doing, so as of today or maybe tomorrow I’m starting a fresh, a new me, a new man and more importantly a new husband and father.

Through the month of November I plan on joining in with #BEDN, blog everyday in November which is brought to us by the wonderful  Rosalilium