Food Glorious Food

I like my food! Actually lets rephrase that I love my food always have and always will. I’m very open to trying new things constantly from wherever in the world it comes from and to date I have only come across two things I detest, firstly tuna in anyway shape or form and secondly olives absolutely despise them.

So whenever someone says to us do you fancy coming round tea or dinner I pretty much jump at the chance. Today it was the mother in-laws. She had already mentioned a few days ago that an old family friend was down visiting and it would be nice to kill two birds with one stone i.e. say hello catch up and have some food. I straight away asked what was she cooking to which she replied “I’m doing Mexican” OMG! We love Mexican in our household so as you can probably tell we couldn’t wait.

My mother in-law is a really good cook I like to think, so in turn my wife is incredible at cooking as well and this makes me a very happy man. When we arrived the aromas were so inviting and the selection on offer was awesome from tortilla wraps with chicken, beef and steak fillings to tacos with all the trimmings. My sister in-law and family came too so it was nice to catch up after a few days.You’ll have to excuse the incorrect picture here but sorry I was filling my belly and didn’t take a pic Mmm but you get the gist.

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